At AUM Financial Advisors we offer a gamut of services that are detailed below; AUM is your one stop shop for all your Investment related needs; Once you enrol with us you shall never have to look anywhere else for your Investment or Insurance Needs…

Wealth Management


AUM Specialises in Wealth Management for High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs), Corporates, Institutions , TRUSTS etc.…
At AUM, We believe in creating a Dedicated Portfolio that is Customised to a clients specific needs rather than offering a one size fits all generic Solution for all Investors…

As at 2017, we manage more than 125 Crores of Assets for more than 500 Happy Families spread across more than 27 cities across India & NRI clientele in more than 15 countries abroad…

At AUM Financial advisors, we do Wealth Management predominantly using 2 PRODUCTS: Viz;


Finanacial Planning


Financial Planning is a Wholistic exercise & involves Advising Clients on his/her Loans , Insurance Needs, both Life & Mediclaim & Critical Illness Plans, creating a dedicated Investment Portfolio, advising on legacy Portfolios etc.

At AUM we are strictly against a one size fits all philosophy & we believe that each clients needs are specific to him /her…

It involves understanding a Clients Financial Needs in a 360 degree manner, from each angle , understanding their Goals, Risk Profile, Investment needs , financial issues that they have had in past & then sitting with the client & doing a complete hand holding with clients…

Mutual Funds Advisory


Now MUTUAL FUNDS is our forte,..we believe when it comes to Mutual Funds we are at par with the best in the industry…
There are 45 odd Mutual Fund Companies in India offering more than 1,000 Mutual Fund Schemes across 4 Categories as listed below:

Types of Mutual Funds:

Now with a combination of some or all of the above categories of Mutual Funds we can create an Investment Portfolio that suits all Investor Profiles may it be:

  • Conservative Investor
  • Moderately Aggressive Investor
  • Aggressive Investor

At AUM we specialise in creating a Customised Portfolio based on an Investors specific needs using a combination of any or All of the above Types of Mutual Fund Schemes…

Portfolio Management Services


A PMS or Portfolio Management Service is a high risk-high return investments avenue with a minimum ticket size of Rs. 25 lacs; Just like our Expertise in Mutual Funds, we are also experts in PMS & do a thorough research in most PMS offerings in the country & then shortlist the 3 best PMS offerings in India before we recommend the same to our Client. One has to be twice as careful while selecting a good PMS compared to selecting a Mutual Fund Scheme.


Humans can never achieve anything unless we fix our purpose to a higher Goal.Similarly in the World of Investing, attaching our Goals to our Investments is very very important as it gives direction to investing. Goal Based Planning is a science in itself & requires lot of deliberation & detailed meetings with Clients.

At AUM we motivate clients to tag their Investments to their Financial Goals & do handholding in the process of designing Goals.

Tax Investment Advisiory


All Taxpayers need to Invest Rs. 150,000 every Year u/s 80 C to Save on their Tax Outgo. There are more than 15 different options available to choose from that confuses an Investor. We handhold clients in choosing the best tax investments option considering clients Risk Profile & Investment horizon.

Insurance Advisiory


Every Indian whether Resident or NRI needs to buy 3 Insurance Plans to protect himself / herself & his/her Family.

  • Good TERM INSURANCE Plan for Earning Members of the family
  • Good reliable MEDICLAIM INSURANCE for all members of the family

Now In India there are more than 22 Life Insurance Companies, more than 18 General Insurance Companies offering between them more than 50 Insurance plans,  a person seeking to buy a Good insurance protection for his/her family gets lost in the sea.

Portfolio Reconstruction


Most Investors, owing to lack of good professional advice, tend to mess up their Investment Portfolio may it be a Shares portly or a Portfolio of Mutual Funds or unwanted Insurance Plans sold by unscrupulous gains or Commission agents. Now having bought them they do not know what to do, heres what we come to your help.
For a very Nominal Fee we shall guide you product by product on what to do.

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