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Mutual Funds are one of the most investor friendly investment avenues available to the retail investor in India today. Mutual Funds are an indirect way of taking exposure to the Indian equity market.

35+ Mutual Fund Companies (AMCs) hire the best Fund Managers in the country to professionally manage your hard earned savings, follow diversification principal (not more than 10% in a single stock), have team of expert equity analysts who track the Indian Equity & debt markets 24 by 7 so that they can choose the best picks for your mutual fund portfolio. However, is it so simple to choose the right type of mutual Fund scheme?

We don't think so. Have a look at the wide variety of mutual fund schemes on offer:

The Indian Mutual Funds Universe

1. No. of Mutual Fund companies : 35+ and growing
2. No. of Mutual Fund Schemes: 1,000+ and growing
3. No. of Equity mutual fund schemes: 350+ and growing
4. No. of Debt mutual fund schemes: 500+ and growing
5. No. of Tax Saving Mutual Fund Schemes (ELSS): 22+ and growing
6. No. of Monthly Income Plans (MIPs): 35+ and growing

YOU do not have unlimited amount to invest. The amount at your disposal is limited. Hence it is very important that you choose your Mutual Fund schemes wisely. A well designed Mutual Fund portfolio of 7 to 10 well chosen schemes has the ability to consistently beat the Sensex year on year by a wide margin.

This is where we come into the picture...

Our Mutual Funds expertise is our core competency and our biggest strength. We have couple of years experience in studying and analyzing mutual fund scheme. Each scheme that we suggest is chosen after a thorough research and review. We rarely suggest a scheme that has not seen at least three market cycles of ups & downs and still given compounded returns. Under our Mutual Funds Advisory services, we offer you the following services:

1. Thorough review of your existing Mutual Funds portfolio
2. Creation of a fresh Mutual Funds portfolio to suit your individual profile to match considering your risk profile and that helps you achieve your financial goals
3. Creating of a Mutual Funds portfolio specifically for Retirement Planning, Planning for Child Education & Marriage, a portfolio to help you buy a House, etc. etc.

Our Mutual Funds Advisory service basically helps you in the following way:

I. If you are new to Mutual Funds

We shall first understand your profile, needs, risk taking capacity, current financial situation etc. Then, we shall create a dedicated Mutual Funds Portfolio for you such that it helps you achieve your financial goals in the shortest possible time.

We shall then manage & track your Mutual Funds portfolio on a regularly basis on your behalf & suggest changes, if any , from time to time.

If in future your financial goals change, we shall help you realign your MF portfolio to suit the change in your financial goals.

II. If you already have a Mutual Funds Portfolio

We shall evaluate your Mutual Fund portfolio based on our expertise of Mutual Funds & suggest necessary changes, if any. The reconstructed Mutual Funds portfolio shall help you achieve your financial goals efficiently.

Our allied services:

1. Real time online access to your portfolio 24 by 7.
2. Monthly email updates of your MF Portfolio in your mailbox
3. Half yearly review of your portfolio based on changes in your financial goals
4. Professional management of your portfolio to suit your specific needs
5. Complete paperwork is handled by our back-office, you do not have to worry about the same
6. We shall be mailing you your "Capital Gains statement" at the end of the financial year which takes care of your Income Tax requirements.

In short, by availing our Mutual Funds Advisory services, you are buying peace of mind as you know that an expert is keeping a constant eye on your Mutual Funds portfolio.

If you wish to avail of our Mutual Fund Advisory services or if you wish to get your Mutual Funds portfolio checked by an expert, then click here

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