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AUM Financial Advisors is a Wealth Management & Financial Planning initiative promoted by Mr. Nirav Panchmatia in 2008 to cater to Individual Clients who are looking for personalized Financial Planning and Investment Planning advice that is unbiased, sound and that comes at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, in this profession, there is dearth of unbiased ethical advice. read more…

A Financial Planner can help you provide clarity and purpose read more…
Our Wealth Management service consist of a comprehensive read more…
A Financial Planner can help you provide clarity and purpose read more…
Mutual Funds are one of the most investor friendly investment read more…

A major time-consuming activity for every Indian, tax planning read more…
The only two things that is certain in this world. And yet we fear read more…


"Since the time I have become client of AUM Financial Advisors, I have never had to worry about my finances & esp. Investment planning. This firm takes care of all your financial worries"

Dr. Gautam (Eye Specialist, Nagpur)   

"I am a serial entrepreneur and am too tied up managing my start-ups. I was on the look-out for a Wealth Manager who could manage my personal wealth professionally with minimum Hassles to me. I found the answer in Nirav Panchmatia of AUM Financial Advisors."

Prashant Bhaskar (Founder CEO Plug HR) & Serial Entrepreneur   

"I am a NRI and was on the lookout for an Investment professional to help me invest in India and benefit from bull run in the Indian stock market. AUM Financial has turned out to be the right choice"

Omkar (Software Professional, London,UK )   

"I am a banker based in Singapore for last couple of years but intend to come back to India sometime over the next decade.. Here in Singapore, we keep hearing & reading about the great Indian story but were not sure of how to take advantage of & participate in India's wealth creation. I happen to meet Nirav @ a TiE function and happened to discuss Investments. I was thrilled to see how he professionally manages Wealth of NRI Clientele without any compromise on ethics or performance. He is now my man in India as far as my Wealth is concerned.. "

Mr. Mahesh (Investment banker, Singapore)   

"Until I met Mr. Panchmatia @ AUM Financial Advisors, all my investments went into Insurance Plans & GPF. I rarely had any equity exposure. I hardly knew the concept of Asset Allocation. Now I also invest in Mutual Funds & have taken some equity exposure to beat inflation"

Mr. Kondawar (Govt. employee, Vidarbha)   

"Being a CA I thought I knew all about Investment Planning until I met Nirav @AUM Financial. Now I understand that Investment Planning is a specialized activity best left to experts. I have even started recommending AUM to my clients & therefore can concentrate on Tax Planning & Auditing for my clients"

CA.Hemant (Chartered Accountant)   

"I had ended up buying all the wrong Insurance Plans (esp. ULIPs) & got burdened with high premium outgo every month. AUM Financial Advisors introduced me to Financial Planning & helped me restructure my insurance portfolio & differentiate between Investments & Insurance"

Mr. Vismay (Commission Agent, Vapi)   

"We entrepreneurs always believe that we know all about Investing & finances. However, I suggest every entrepreneur to fix up a meeting with a Financial Planner. I promise it will change your outlook about Investments. Thank you AUM Financial for making me wiser"

Mr. Bhupendra (Serial Entrepreneur, Mumbai)   

" Being a Housewife I have the habit of saving little bit every month from my household budget but was not sure where to invest my meager savings until AUM Financial introduced me to concept of SIP Investing in Mutual Funds"

Mrs. Majithia (Housewife, Thane)   

"My business is such that I frequently have excess CASH in my current A/c for an uncertain period of time. These funds remain idle for weeks or even months many a time.. I was then made aware of Debt Mutual Funds and especially Liquid Funds wherein one can park money for an indefinite period of time such that it is available at short notice and also earns handsome dividends. Nirav introduced me to Liquid funds (normally earning 5.50% to 7.0% per annum) currently earning upwards of 8.0% per annum and which can be redeemed @ 48 hrs notice, a great combination of Liquidity + Returns."

Mr. Singh (Capital Goods supplier)   

"I used to follow Mr. Panchmatia's BLOG and it is from here that I got in touch with him. I am an NRI based in US and was looking out for a reliable Financial Advisor in India to whom I can give my funds for investing in India without worrying about it. I should admit that AUM Financial has won my faith & confidence.. In these times, when India is the 2nd fastest growing economy in the world, every Indian, no matter where in the world, should share in India's growing prosperity by Investing in Indian equity markets"

Ms. Saroja (US)   

"Being a real estate developer in India's financial capital, I was of the belief that REAL ESTATE is the BEST and only worthy INVESTMENT in India. A chance meeting with Mr. Nirav opened my eyes and since then I have developed respect for EQUITY as an asset class too. Real Estate is a good investment but it has its own issues, namely, it requires big ticket investments, it is not as liquid as one would want it to be and one needs to do enough due diligence before investing. Also, I was completely unaware of the Debt Mutual Funds and the variety of parking avenues they offer like Liquid Funds."

Mr. Tanna (Real Estate Developer, Mumbai)   

"Being a successful entrepreneur I thought I knew everything about MONEY & Finance until I met Nirav. The most powerful concept I learnt @ AUM Financial is that just earning money is not enough. My money should also work 24*7 for me"

Mr. Kirit (Sugar baron)   

"Being the owner of a retail outlet, I was always convinced of the power of pennies (small savings) but was had restricted myself to post office monthly income schemes (Post Office MIS). Mr. Panchmatia @ AUM Financial introduced me to Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) & its power of compounding"

Mr. Jayesh (Retail Outlet owner)   

" There is more to Investment Planning than mere tax planning. Take my word for it, I am a Income Tax expert myself. Thank you "AUM Financial."

Dr. Jain (Income Tax Expert)   

"I thought that MUTUAL FUNDS are only meant for youngsters who have the risk taking capacity and retirees like me must stay away from Mutual Funds. My opinion changed when AUM Financial introduced me to the concept of Debt Mutual Funds & Monthly Income Plans (MIPs) that are far more rewarding & tax efficient than Fixed Deposits/ NSCs / KVPs / PPF "

Mr. Ranbir (Retired, Meerut)   

"I am a MBA student and wanted to learn about the science and art of investing. Nirav sir introduced me to the wonderful world of Financial Planning & Wealth Management. I have now turned a Mutual Fund investor myself and convince people to avoid commission agent & pay for financial advice...."

Sumeet (MBA student)   

"I am a banker myself & we distribute financial products to the banks customers but when it comes to managing my Investment portfolio, I prefer AUM Financial Advisors for their expertise & advisory based approach"

Mr. Sehgal (Regional Biz. Head for a leading Pvt. Sector Bank)   

"Being a businessman I play with money day in and day out. I was a complete non-believer in saving a little every month and thought that it cannot make you rich. All this changed when the team @ AUM Financial introduced me to the concept of SIP in Mutual Funds"

Mr. Chirag (New Delhi Businessman)   

"I was a conservative spender & a conservative investor until I met Nirav @ AUM Financial when he convinced me to take calculated risk. I am glad I listened to him"

Prof. Satish (Professor at b-school)   

"I used to earn a lot but was not into savings or investments. All this changed with my chance encounter with Nirav Panchmatia @ AUM Financial Advisors 2 years back. I have now been transformed into an avid Investor & already am sitting on a handsome corpus. Wish I would have met him earlier"

Dr. Alhad (Network Marketer, Himachal)   

" I am a very successful steel trader & earning good enough. I had never felt the need for Investing until AUM Financial introduced me to the concept of Inflation & Retirement Planning"

Mr. Rachh (Steel Trader, Mumbai)   
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